miercuri, 14 ianuarie 2009

Invade, feel like home!

Inaugurez rubrica asta noua cu una bucata minunatie pe care trebuie sa o am: Space Invaders Arcade Machine (Original TAITO Arcade Machine). Detaliez:

Price each: £2,344.13
Delivery: £75.00 (local)
Manufacturer: TAITO
Model: Upright
Type: Shooter
Weight: 117Kg
Game(s): Invaders
Warranty: 3 Months
Condition: good (3/7)

Product Description:
Endless invaders from outer space push your skill to limit. Can you defend the earth? Move your tank accross the bottom of the srceen to avoid the enemy missiles and fire your laser missiles to attack the aliens. The green bunkers are your only defence against the attacking aliens, use them wisely, for once they are gone, the invaders will have no trouble blowing you up. Occasionally a flying saucer will apear across the top of the screen. Shoot it down for extra points. Simple yet addictive sounds, intense gameplay and beautiful cabinet graphics.

YES, i fuckin' need it!!