vineri, 20 februarie 2009

Sloganize my ass!

Absolut Sickboy.
Avez-Vous un Sickboy?
Sickboy Unscripted.
Discover the Sickboy Difference.
How do You Eat Your Sickboy?
It's a Sickboy Adventure!
Reach out and touch Sickboy.
Please don't squeeze the Sickboy
Where's the Sickboy?
Get in my Sickboy.
Smart. Beautiful. Sickboy.
We all adore a Sickboy.
Time to make the Sickboy.
The Sickboy that likes to say Yes.
There's always room for Sickboy.
I Can't Believe It's Not Sickboy.
Make someone happy with a Sickboy.
Get busy with Sickboy.
An army of Sickboy.
Why can't everything orange be Sickboy?
What can Sickboy do for you?
More Sickboy please!
I like the Sickboy in you.
No Sickboy, No Comment!
The Science of Sickboy
The Sickboy of a new generation.
The Sickboy Effect.
Let The Sickboy Begin.
Obey Your Sickboy.
Welcome To Sickboy Country.
Get Sickboy or get out.

Sickboy Born and Bred. (that sounds really kewl!)

Solganize yourself, un motor vechi dar de actualitate. Am uitat linkul.