luni, 2 februarie 2009

Sick and you shall find!

1 |sik| |sɪk| |sɪk|
1 affected by physical or mental illness : nursing very sick children | we were sick with bronchitis [as plural n. ] ( the sick): visiting the sick and the elderly.
• of or relating to those who are ill : the company organized a sick fund for its workers.
• figurative (of an organization, system, or society) suffering from serious problems, esp. of a financial nature : their economy remains sick.
• archaic pining or longing for someone or something : he was sick for a sight of her.
2 [ predic. ] feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit : he was starting to feel sick | Mark felt sick with fear.
• [ attrib. ] (of an emotion) so intense as to cause one to feel unwell or nauseous : he had a sick fear of returning.
• informal disappointed, mortified, or miserable : he looked pretty sick at that, but he eventually agreed.
3 [ predic. ] ( sick of) intensely annoyed with or bored by (someone or something) as a result of having had too much of them : I'm absolutely sick of your moods.
4 informal (esp. of humor) having something unpleasant such as death, illness, or misfortune as its subject and dealing with it in an offensive way : this was someone's idea of a sick joke.
• (of a person) having abnormal or unnatural tendencies; perverted : he is a deeply sick man from whom society needs to be protected.