marți, 31 august 2010

If you did this

I found this today on the big fat web. It's a classic typo-motivational-sort-of-poster, all right, but let me continue this by adding: If you wrote this, you must have some boring job, no job or you need a job. Also you are wrong. That's why you probably think that fortune, luck, wealth and blessings can put you above some population. A house, some food, a healthy body and literacy can't be any good without a healthy mind. I'm not gonna preach about soul or ..let's say personality, but i can't just read this crap and feel suddenly lucky. And happy. Sure i can do my best to use what i have and help some unlucky people on the way. Feel good about it. Motivate myself etc. But i will always believe that a great soul (man, mind, personality.. pick whatever sounds nicer) doesn't need a perfect little life to be happy and feel complete. Or maybe I'm wrong and you are definitely luckier than me.

But wait! I still got the 3 billion people to be king of ...'cuz i read your crap.